Project proposal information

In no more than 700 words, you should cover:

  • your interest in the topic
  • your experience
  • your approach to the commission (including your chosen literary form)
  • how you will guarantee quality
  • your experience of social media (please note: this is not a deal breaker but it is helpful to know if you have an author web page and a social media presence)
  • confirm your willingness to post project information on social media channels and/or your author website (or have it posted there on your behalf)
  • your geographical location
  • your intended audience.

You may decide to use one or more of the historical themes that the chosen National Trust houses reveal:

  • Exotic fruits grown in orangeries (Attingham Park; Calke Abbey)
  • Imperial domestic interiors (Basildon Park; Osterley Park; Attingham Park; Calke Abbey; Dunham Massey)
  • Artefacts from British colonies, such as slave-produced mahogany and Chinese wallpaper (Attingham Park; Basildon Park; Calke Abbey; Dunham Massey; Osterley Park; Penrhyn Castle)
  • Illegitimate children from the empire (Dunham Massey)
  • slave-produced sugar wealth (Charlecote Park; Dyrham Park; Speke Hall; Penrhyn Castle)
  • resident Indian princesses (Wightwick Manor)
  • Black servants and slaves (Charlecote Park; Sudbury Hall)
  • East India Company links (Basildon Park; Osterley Park)
  • Francis Drake’s participation in slave trading and black Tudors (Buckland Abbey)
  • owners who held colonial office (Dyrham Park)
  • commemorations of naval victories in the Caribbean (Hanbury Hall; Sudbury Hall)
  • paintings of black servants (Charlecote Park; Sudbury Hall)
  • Victorian plant hunters (Penrhyn Castle).


Deadline: Midnight 30 April 2018

Submissions to: Dr Corinne Fowler


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