Who are we.

We are writers, historians and advocates who have invited primary school pupils to lead an exploration into English country houses’ colonial pasts.

This project is directed by Dr Corinne Fowler @NewWritingLeics

What we want to do. 
We want to inspire a new generation of young advocates for black British history.

Why we want to do it.

Research shows that young Black and Asian Britons feel alienated from England’s countryside (Pollard 2004; Chakaraborti 2006; Fowler 2017). 

We feel that this is linked to the fact that the Majority of schools do not have Black, Asian or in fact, a truly global history integrated into their curriculum.

How we will do it.
Our team of country house historians will work closely with 10 schools and 10 country houses to explore the global connections of stately homes: from heritage furniture and black servants to colonial trade. Pupils will communicate their discoveries and personal responses through personal essays, creative writing, and social media campaigns.

They will also participate in events at country houses across the UK. This project will allow children to discover country houses’ global dimensions, supporting them to gain a sense of belonging to the countryside. We want to inspire a new generation of young historians (aged 10) who will advocate for, these neglected aspects of British history. We will encourage the children to think of themselves as future leaders in the field. They will be supported by ten renowned historians and ten high-profile writers who will help them to craft, deliver and disseminate compelling new writing about this topic.

We want to give the children the tools to narrate black history with their own voice.

The project will culminate in a kids’ conference (adults can sit in the audience) with children presenting their essays and discoveries in panel discussions. The conference will be held at the Centre for New Writing, Leicester.  

How you can help.
We’re asking you to help fund the first two schools to travel to two of our National Trust Country Homes, adjoining archives and work with renown historians and writers.

18 donors giving £20 can support one of our schools to travel to the prestigious archives at a National Trust Country House.

Please follow/ share our Twitter, Instagram or contact us on colonialcountryside@gmail.com for more ways to get involved.

This pilot project will help us bid for Art Council Funding, allowing the project to kick start a national initiative.

Thank you



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